Art and Science of Cropping
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Co-Founder / Training Director – Creative Nation Academy Corp COMPTIA Certified Technical Trainer+ Adobe Certified Expert / Instructor / User Group Manager / Community Professional / Campus Leader / Creative Insider Ambassador / Education Leader 2nd place – Adobe Education Exchange Leaderboard IT Professional – 15 years / 10 years – Educator

From IT Staff, System Administrator, to evangelist and founder of creative companies and communities. His passion for the arts, design, and creativity, enabled him in mastering Adobe applications to became one of the most widely disciplined and sought-after resource persons in the field locally and internationally.

Reaching out (since 2006) to over 1M+ students that have heard his sessions to help the advocacy of building a #CreativeNationPH, engaging them with product updates, new innovations, and technologies. Founder of Adobe Creative Educator Philippines with over 3,500+ active educators that help build content for global education, remote learning, and professional development.

Co-founder of Creative Nation Academy an Adobe Authorized Training Center. A prolific instructor for creative events such as Graphics and Publishing Seminar / Graphic Expo / Adobe Creative Cloud Product Launch / Behance Portfolio Reviews and Graphic Artist Philippines that he conducts every year.

His life’s work revolves around helping build a great creative team of Adobe Certified Professionals that elevates the status of the Filipino creatives to create for the world. He is the first and only Adobe User Group Manager / Community Professional, Creative Cloud Evangelist, Campus Leader, Creative Insider Ambassador, Certified Expert / Instructor / Education Leader in Southeast Asia rolled into one, till the present day.

He finds balance in life through enjoying great music, films, travels, and inspiring the next generation of creative professionals through creativity and technology.

Adobe Certified Expert – Photoshop
Adobe Certified Expert – Illustrator
Adobe Certified Expert – InDesign
Adobe Certified Expert – Acrobat
Adobe Certified Expert – Design Specialist
Adobe Certified Expert – Design Master
Adobe Certified Expert – Flash Professional
Adobe Certified Expert – After Effects
Adobe Certified Expert – Lightroom 5
Adobe Certified Expert – Photoshop Lightroom 3
Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Muse
Adobe Certified Expert – Illustrator CC
Adobe Certified Instructor – Photoshop
Adobe Certified Instructor – Illustrator CC
Adobe Certified Instructor – InDesign
Adobe Certified Instructor – Acrobat
Adobe Certified Instructor – Flash Professional
Adobe Certified Instructor – After Effects
Adobe Certified Instructor – Adobe Lightroom 5
Adobe Certified Instructor – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3
Adobe Certified Instructor – Adobe Muse
CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer +
Adobe Education Leader / 2020 Featured Educator Contributor
Microsoft Innovative Educator / Trainer
Wakelet Community Ambassador / Leader
Kahoot Verified Educator
Apple Teacher
Edpuzzle Certified Coach
Kami Certified Educator

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